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Select the item to know the list of documents required for that item ($)

  • General/Filing status
  • Salary Income
  • House Property
  • Capital Gains
  • Other Sources
  • Tax Savings Investments
  • General/Filing status
  • PAN card
  • Bank account information
  • TDS certificates (if applicable)
  • Tax payment challans (Self-assessment, advance tax)
  • In case of revised return/return in response to a notice received from Department of Income-tax - You need the details of Original return/details of notice
  • Salary Income
  • Form 16 / Salary Certificate received from the Employer
  • House Property
  • Address of the property.
  • Co-owner details (if property is co-owned)
  • Interest certificate issued by bank for housing loan
  • Rent details
  • Capital Gains
  • Sale and Purchase deed of the property including stamp valuation of the property (for land/building)
  • Documents for cost of improvement on the property (if improvement is done)
  • Stock statement in case of trading in shares etc. (specifying sale and purchase value of shares)
  • In case of other capital assest the cost of purchase, sale value and cost of improvement if any
  • Details of expense incurred on transfer
  • Re-investment purchase deed for claiming exemption from Capital Gains
  • Details of investment in Capital Gains Accounts Scheme
  • Other Sources
  • Bank Passbook/Statement or interest income certificate
  • PPF passbook for interest
  • Dividend warrants/amount
  • Interest certificates on bonds
  • Details of accrued interest on NSC during the year.
  • Rent agreement for plant & machinery, building etc. given on rent (if any)
  • Receipts of any income from winning of lottery, horse races etc.
  • Tax Savings Investments
  • Life and medical insurance payment receipts
  • PPF passbook
  • Fixed deposit receipts (eligiable for section 80C)
  • Repayment certificate for housing loan
  • Deposit receipts for senior citizen saving scheme.
  • Tuition fees receipts
  • Donation receipts (alongwith PAN of the donnee) (for section 80G)
  • Any other tax saving investment receipts/proof

* The above discussed proof are not to be attached along with return of income

$ The aforesaid list is only for the reference and ease of the user and merely a list prepared on the basis of standard practice. The actual documents required for filing the return may differ from case to case and users are advised to compile other documents affecting their computation of income before proceeding for filing the return of income.

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